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In the context of WP6, the ARTreat consortium is inspired by several modelling tools. Some prominent examples are the following:


GIMIAS (Graphical Interface for Medical Image Analysis and Simulation)



GIMIAS is a workflow-oriented environment for solving advanced biomedical image computing and individualized simulation problems, which is extensible through the development of problem-specific plug-ins. In addition, GIMIAS provides an open source  framework for efficient development of research and clinical software prototypes integrating contributions from the Physiome community while allowing business-friendly technology transfer and commercial product development.

GIMIAS is developed by the Center for Computational Image and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. more...


MITK (The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit)

The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) is a free open-source software system for development of interactive medical image processing software. MITK combines the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) with application. more...



The CreaTools are a suite of medical image processing and visualization software and development tools. They are developed by CREATIS, a research unit with extensive experience in the medical image processing field. The CreaTools are open-source and cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX). more...



Materialise is the world leader in commercial software for biomechanical engineers. The solutions offered relevant to ARTreat are the Mimics Innovation Suite   and SurgiCase CMF